Laptop buying guide


This guide is meant to guide you when choosing and purchasing a new laptop. Most of the laptop buyers browse through the different locations, both off-line and on-line to look for essential information. Doing so can help you in going through the specifications of the different models. The following are some of the specification that you need to consider when choosing a laptop

Processor (CPU)


This is one of the major component s of a computer. It is the brain of a computer. The CPU does most of the computer’s operations. Having a better processor will enable your device to run many applications concurrently. A good process will also allow you to play games and watch high-definition content. Most of the laptop’s processors are designed with multiple cores thereby allowing the user to run multiple applications (processes). This has made the multitasking process very efficient. Anyone a buying a new laptop should go a processor having four cores.


This is the system’s memory. It plays an important role in complementing the processor in delivering a fantastic experience. Having a good RAM will enable you to run many applications without any problems.


The battery life of a laptop is another important factor that should always be taken into account when purchasing a new laptop. Individuals who will be moving alt are required o purchase a battery that has a long life. Most of the modern laptops and notebooks have a battery life of up to fifteen hours, but some will even surpass this threshold.

Hard drive

hard drive

The laptop’s hard drive is another vital component that determines its capacity and speed. Its capacity determines the amount of stuff stored on the computer. The speed of a computer determines how fast or slow this stuff is read or written from the disk. It is advisable to purchase a computer that has an SSD (solid state drive). This is a special hard drive that writes and read data without relying on spinning disks. Their low speeds limit hard disk drives relying on spinning platters to write and read information.


Contrary to a desktop that needs a separate screen, a laptop is designed with its screen. You should choose a laptop that comes with a good display. A secondary display can also be used with laptops. Individuals interested in buying laptops for entertainment or graphic design are advised to go for laptops rendering full HD resolution.