Common mistakes made by new teachers

You will always find many teachers who graduate from colleges and universities every year. These teachers are faced with a certain degree of anxiety, and they are prone to making some mistakes during their first lessons. Their teaching style is very different from that if the experienced teachers. The flowing are some of the mistakes made by these teachers

They do not balance their life


These teachers are known for taking tons of papers and book home. This means that they have little time for other activities. Some of these teachers think that it is necessary to mark every piece of homework, class work, and project work. This is something that can be solved by emphasizing more on quality work instead of quantity. Again, students should be held accountable for the work done. Balancing your life will make you happier as a teacher.

Talking too much

New teachers use authoritative approach (“you listen, I talk”). Even if this might help you in building self-confidence, it is considered is a poor classroom management technique.

Overlooking discipline problems

A student can easily differentiate between a well-organized lesson and a poor one. He or she can easily identify a new teacher. Lack of proper classroom management can make a teacher appear more vulnerable. Students love testing the limits of a new teacher.

Isolating themselves quickly

The teaching business involves a lot of things. It is not just matter of how you survive in class. Enrolling for professional development courses either online or offline can greatly enhance your teaching skills. Joining a professional association can also help you.

They are afraid of their seniors

New teachers feel guilty, and they will always try to keep off from their principals. They think that the principals are tracking them due to discipline issues. Supportive principals are always ready to help their new teachers and encourage them.

Some will avoid talking about their success


It is always important to value your experiences and share them with the other teachers. This is one of the greatest ways of raising your confidence level. Experienced teachers are always ready to learn new ideas. Again this is another way of building your teaching career.

They do not record their first experiences

The new teacher is encouraged to keep a teaching journal in the first few years. This is meant to help them with the planning and reflective process.